Directional Speaker

A new directional speaker aptly named the “A” Speaker has been created by developers based in Paris France that provides a personal audio solution that they say is similar to listening to headphones without actually wearing any.

Enabling you to listen to your own personal audio stream without annoying those around you. Watch the video below to learn more about the new directional speaker and the technology that is inside to help create your personal audio environment.

The “A” Speaker is being marketed as the speaker that only you can hear and has been designed to redefine the personal audio experience say its creators, who explain a little more about his inspiration and construction.

Imagine a speaker that only you can hear, even if there are a bunch of other people in the room. Akoustic Arts’ « A » speaker is the world’s most advanced directional speaker. It creates a narrow beam of sound, the same way that a laser creates a beam of light to focus on a precise area, allowing you to blast sound directly into your ears from across the room without anyone else hearing it. Whether you’re at work, in your bedroom, or in your living room, the possibilities are endless.


For more information on the new “A” Speaker jump over to the Indiegogo website for details and you make a pledge from $290 for early bird backers, by following the link below.