san bernardino iphone

We previously heard that the FBI used security company Cellebrite to unlock the San Bernardino iPhone, it would appear that this information was incorrect and the FBI paid hackers to unlock the iPhone 5C.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the FBI had the help of professional hackers who discovered a security flaw in the iPhone 5C.

This security flaw was then used to create some hardware that was then used to crack the four digit PIN on the iPhone 5C.

It is not clear as yet on whether the flaw will be disclosed to Apple, a decision on this will apparently be made by a White House led group.

The flaw is apparently only applicable to older models of Appleā€™s iPhone, this includes devices up to the iPhone 5C, Apple will obviously want to fix this flaw to ensure that its customers data is kept safe, this will depend on whether the flaw is disclosed to them.