Prop Shield with Motion Sensor

Anyone who enjoys making small hand props and wearable costumes might be interested in the new board which has landed on the Adafruit online store in the form of the PJRC Prop Shield with Motion Sensor for Teensy 3.2 and Teensy-LC.

The PJRC Prop Shield with Motion Sensor is now available to purchase price to $22.50 and includes a number of useful features including motion sensors but allow motion interactive light and sound, an audio amplifier, fast LED driver and 8 Mbyte of Flash memory.

Adafruit explains more about the features and functionality of the new PJRC Prop Shield for Teensy.

This shield features a 10 degree-of-freedom motion sensor with triple-axis accelerometer/magnetometer/gyro and temperature + barometric pressure/altitude sensing, 2 Watt audio amp, two high speed 5V buffers for driving DotStar LEDs, and an 8 MegaByte flash memory for images, sound clips, or data logging. It’s approximately the size of a Teensy, just slightly longer to allow space for mounting holes and connections for power, speaker, and LEDs.

For more information on the new Teensy compatible board jump over to the Adafruit website for details or the official Teensy website for more details own the Teensy rage of tiny development boards via the links below.