Firstly before discussing about NordVPN we should be first known to VPN. What VPN exactly is ?

VPN is a tool used for security purposes on network while surfing website in prohibited places. Basically VPN hide user’s IP address and location. It helps user in safe encrypted communication on network. We can use easily surfing on blocked websites by using VPN. It is also very useful in avoid surveillance and censorship.Image result for NordVPN Review

Now we are going to introduce an amazing VPN tool that is NordVPN. In very short time this VPN becomes one of very popular. NordVPN was started in 2012 created by four childhood friends who come with an idea to create something which overcome the restrictions on internet. Now NordVPN serves more than 1 million people worldwide. In NordVPN’s team, they all are working together to achieving a single goal that is to make internet a secure place for surfing.

What NordVPN offers you :

  1. Security : On internet first thing which we are most concerned about is our privacy. With NordVPN, you can choose from several Double VPN combinations to encrypt your communication or activities on network.

In Security What More You Get Is :

  • Military-grade encryption : The content which is encrypted by NordVPN is high level encryption. We know that the encrypted data of any military is highly rigid. Its level of encrypt the data is as much stronger as like military data encryption. It encrypt the plaintext to ciphertext is without calamity.
  • CyberSecurity : This feature of NordVPN is used to protect network, computers, programs and data from malicious attacker or unauthorized person. It blocks the suspicious website automatically so that no other cyber threat or malware can infect the user’s device. Another best thing about this VPN is that there will be not any flashy ads.
  • Double VPN : This process is used to hide the activities behind the servers via VPN. Basically we use Double VPN to encrypt our traffic on internet not once but twice.
  1. Privacy : With few clicks you can enjoy real privacy while surfing on internet. On internet what privacy mean is your IP address. If someone wants to track your activities online then your IP address should be known by attacker.NordVPN hide your real IP and location, so that no one can track your original IP address.

In Privacy What You More Get Is :

  • Hide IP Address : By using NordVPN we can surf safe without any surveillance or censorship. IP address helps us to send and receive the data online. Many internet service providers, advertisers and cyber criminals find new ways to track your activities behind the servers, by getting your IP address they can easily track your location and can also watch your online activities.
  • Strict no logs policy : When we use NordVPN then it does not keep our logs for more time. That means our time or duration of any online session and logs of IP addresses are not kept. In other words none of our private or secured data is logged and gathered at any time. Finally as a result we are not able to provide any details about us online, even if we request it by our own. Servers used, websites visited or file download has not any uploaded record from user’s system. No can record your activity not even nordVPN record your personal information. So, you can trust on nordVPN.
  • Automatic kill switch : If due to some technical reasons your VPN connection is aborted, then it block the switching the transfer from VPN connectivity to normal activity.
  • DNS leak protection : The Domain Name System(DNS) is responsible for resolves the domain name such as “” into real IP addresses to connect. Basically, it translate the long, complexive and hard to remember numeric words into simple human language. This procedure is a grandly piece of how the internet works.
  • Onion over VPN : VPN and onion network are both provides services for private surfing. Usually we need a separate Onion browser(Tor) to browse on internet but while we use NordVPN the we need not to download the onion browser. All we need is to connect the Onion over VPN server, and NordVPN will handle of the rest.

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Some Praises Of NordVPN :

  1. Festinate speed : NordVPN provide fast speed along with the security technology. Traffic encryption and rerouting slow down the internet connection as compare to other service provider. Using NordVPN in surfing the internet does not sensate any hindrance.

  2. Best VPN for P2P : P2P stands for peer-to-peer network. It is the best way to hastily sharing the file or data on network to the large group of people. This make the sharing system more efficient.
  3. Best VPN for multiple users : NordVPN has one another best feature of using a VPN in multiple devices. Upto 6 devices can connect and browse and enjoy the smooth internet services.
  4. Ingenious to use : This VPN is very easy to use without any complexions. Very few step has to follow to use NordVPN, we only need to download and install it and can enlist the service.
  5. Customer support : If any user faces any type of problem while using NordVPN then satisfaction of customer is the fantasy of NordVPN team. Redress will provide to customer as soon as possible.

Pricing of NordVPN : When we thought to use any VPN then first question comes in our mind is that, How much does it lavish?

NordVPN is a VPN which provides great features in minimal price. Although for a free trial this VPN offer trial version of three days, but that will so complicated to use.

Basically NordVPN follows three plans for subscriptions are :

  • First plan is the simple one, in which you have to pay $ 11.95 per month. This is a plan best for monthly users.

  • Second plan also for two years for $79.00. User can also pay $3.29 per month for two years.
  • Third one is the standard plan in which user has to pay $69.00 for one year. User can also pay $5.75 per month for a year.

Conclusion :  Above we mentioned the features, pros and pricing of NordVPN. Finally if we see overall performance of this VPN is fantastic. This is an amazing VPN service provider which certitude of money back in 30 days. Means if user does not like the services of NordVPN then all the fund will be returned as soon as possible. In that price segment it is one of the best VPN service provider. We can say that it is one of the most trusted VPN.

We prospect that above mentioned information about NordVPN is useful to you.