Distance Education (DE) also referred as Distance learning, Online learning or e-learning is a form of education in which student and teacher are not physically present in a classroom, but in fact, the learning happens by establishing a teacher-student communication using technology. The teacher and student can communicate at a flexible time suiting both by exchanging electronic or printed media. The DE is typically popular with working professionals, students with interest in non-vocational subjects and individuals in the remote parts of the country.

Different methods of acquiring Distance Education

Following are the various types of technologies that are adapted for distance education:

  • Audio/Video Teleconferencing
  • Television
  • Audio/Video broadcasting
  • Computer-aided instruction
  • Online learning platform/forum
  • Prints
  • Videos and Audios in CD-ROMs

What is the value of the Distance Education Degree?

The distance learning program can be availed from the comfort of your place, making it convenient and sustainable for professionals. A DE degree can be attained through various platforms such as online course and distance learning programs. The DE degree provides a good return on investment and equitable jobs. Working professionals who strive to climb up the corporate ladder are most benefitted with the distance education degree. Specialized learning courses and certifications will help the working individuals add a skill-set to their resumes. The distance education degree breaks the shackles of time and distance for these professionals, thus lead to better careers opportunities and promotions.

The distance education degree from an accredited/ recognised University, is considered equivalent to the campus-based qualification. However, there are thousands of distance/online programs that are not accredited, and one must be careful while selecting a distance learning course.

Must-knows about Distance Education Degree

There are few things to keep in mind if you want to pursue higher education via distance learning:

  • All the online courses or distance education programs must be approved by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of the University Grants Commission (UGC). Universities like Sikkim Manipal University fit into these requiremts.
  • Understand the combination of programs, certifications, degrees, and diplomas that can be done simultaneously from same or different universities through the distance mode.

Characteristics of Distance Education Degree

  • The distance learning is not a self-study but is facilitated by authorized institutes and universities that offer an accredited degree.
  • The distance learning bypasses the geographic constraints, thus making it worth in every way by earning the degree.
  • A robust foundation for the DE degree is the use of electronic telecommunication. It nourishes the interaction between the teachers and the students, which is an integral part of any mode of education.

Top Benefits of Distance Education Degree

  • With distance learning, higher education has become accessible to everyone. Whether working professionals or freshers, a DE degree from a recognized university will give them an opportunity to enhance their skills.
  • The distance education degree, obtained after completing an online course and graduating, is well acknowledged by employers.
  • The cost-efficient distance education degree is attainable regardless of location and time.