Here’s a list of healthcare apps that every 40+ person should have in their smartphone.

Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives. From toddlers to students, couples, elders, and even seniors – all are using one or the other mobile application to relish their lives. You must also be using mobile apps, aren’t you?

While you might be having a good collection of mobile apps in your smartphone/device already, I recommend adding these 6 healthcare apps to your list for enjoying a healthy and fit life:

  1. Pillboxie

If you are taking regular medicines and that also at specific times on a daily basis, the Pillboxie is the right app for you. Available on App Store, it sends you reminders regarding medicine intake and this way, ensures that you do not miss any dose and enjoy better health. And the best part of this healthcare mobile app is that it can work offline and even when your phone is asleep. Sounds cool, right?

  1. MedCoach

Just like Pillboxie, MedCoach is another impressive app defining the role of mHealth apps in Healthcare evolutions from 1.0 to 3.0. The application enables you to make get a quick access to the list of medications, set pill reminders, and even obtain pharmacy’s website so as to fill prescriptions.

  1. Red Panic Button

Available on both Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad), this mobile application provides you with the required assistance in an emergency situation. The mobile healthcare app empowers you to feed your information along with your loved ones’ so that in case of an emergency, you can inform them by tapping on the red button on the app.

  1. WebMD

WebMD app is also a must-try mHealth app, where you can enter your symptoms and find what potential issue you might be suffering from. On the top of it, you can also rely on this iPhone application to get a handy guide for medical emergencies.

  1. Heartwise Blood Pressure Checker

This iOS mobile app enables you to record your blood pressure along with weight and resting heart rate in the real-time.

  1. Magnifying Glass with Light

This mobile app is really helpful for those losing their eyesight or having the fear of the same in the coming years. The application enables you to read any book, newspaper, magazine, or anything from Apple products by illuminating and magnifying its content.

Have you tried any of these mHealth apps before? How was your experience with that healthcare app? Share in the comment section below.

Author Bio:-Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and 2 years of work experience in a mobile app development company, Bhupinder is focused on making technology digestible to all. Being someone who stays updated with the latest tech trends, she’s always armed to write and spread the knowledge. When not found writing, you will find her answering on Quora while sipping coffee.