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 It is good to see that with the advancement in technology, human life is becoming easier than before. High level technological advancements in the fields of computers, mobiles, smart phones, tablets, software, video games, social media, etc, have virtually revolutionized human lives, in terms of facilitating them, for the effective and timely performance of their tasks, besides being a source of entertainment and relaxation.

But, at the same time, we must not forget that, globally, these technological facilities have proved to be menace for us all due to their excessive use; thus causing a serious health problem for us all. The excessive and irrelevant use of smart phones, tablets, mobiles and video games, have adversely affected our eye-sight, besides putting unnecessary pressure on our brains. The dangerous scenario in the whole saga is that globally children between the ages of 5 to 15 years are seriously getting addicted to such technology with each passing day; which by any means is not a good sign for a healthy society.

There is a greater need to convince the parents (through advertisements on T.V, radio, etc) that they should discourage their children for making excessive use of these gadgets. The parents, too, should avoid over-using their own gadgets as a way to set an example for their kids. In other words, the use of technology should be limited to our actual requirements only.

If technology addiction is not stopped and regulated (through our self-discipline) globally, we will then be facing serious health issues like weak eyesight, tired brain, mental stress and what not. We must adhere to the maxim that “excess of everything is bad.”