In years past, the production industry relied on tables, protractors, compasses, rules and calculator to design and lay out some of the world’s most iconic structures. Architecture, drafting and machine tooling used to rely on time-consuming measurements, re-checks and hard copy blueprints in order to create designs, build models and even fashion products. With the advent of technology, software improvements, thorough mastercam training and continuous ingenuity, companies are able to draft and produce products faster and more efficiently.

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Thank the Industrial Revolution for mass production.

Prior to the sixty year period between the late 1700s and early 1800s known as the Industrial Revolution, many products were hand-made and had an extensive waiting period for duplicate copies depending on the market and need. With inventions like the spinning jenny, the cotton gin, the Bessemer Process and the puddling process changing the face of production forever, mass distribution could be achieved because we had the tools to make it happen.

Software programs can keep products affordable.

Mass production can keep the cost of goods down, but so can the use of software programs. With computer-aided design programs, entire blueprints and plan can be modified or engineered from anywhere at any time. Collaboration between drafters or engineers can occur without time delays or logistical issues, making it easier to comply with customer needs. This efficiency in delivery reduces labor costs and production demands, making goods and services more affordable.

Software development is the job market of the future.

With developments in robotics, machine tool systems and design, those looking for job security might want to look into software development training programs. Coding and implementation needs for architectural or drafting groups will continue to streamline the production process as programs are developed. Training programs can be taken online or in person, and they come in all lengths. Interested programmers can find full degrees or certificate courses that can help with their desire to get a job in the field.