Iron Man VR Sharing Same Universe as Spider-Man PS4 Is Upto Marvel Games

Iron Man VR and Spider-Man PS4 may occupy the same game universe

Iron Man VR for PS VR is being published by Sony with development duties handled by Republique creator Camouflaj. At a recent press showing for the game, Camouflaj Founder and Direct Ryan Payton was asked if Iron Man VR occupies the same universe as Spider-Man PS4. A valid question when you consider how Marvel handles its cinematic universe, with all movies tying together, eventually resulting in cross-overs aplenty. However if you were hoping for Tony Stark and Peter Parker to cross paths on your PS4, think again. The possibility of Iron Man VR and Spider-Man PS4 tying-in isn’t upto Camouflaj.

Noticing that The Avengers Tower was in Spider-Man PS4 and Sony publishing both games, games site Game Revolution wondered if they both take place in the same universe.

“From the beginning of development, we were saying that we wanted to make an original story so we didn’t necessarily build it out of what the other games were doing,” he said.

“But there are definitely opportunities to link the worlds. We’re not sure if we are going to do that just yet. That’s more of a Marvel Games decision than it is mine. But everyone at Camouflaj is a huge fan of PlayStation and Marvel and what the Insomniac guys did with Spider-Man so I’m hoping at the very least we can have a couple nods to that game just as fans.”

Possibly the most exciting trailer from Sony’s State of Play March 2019 stream, Iron Man VR lets you play as Iron Man (obviously) as you fly around destroying foes in the superhero’s suit. Iron Man VR will be out in 2019, but there’s no definite launch date.