With many entrepreneurs breaking into new industries, manufacturing has an influx of people who may need more advice on managing complex equipment and machinery. Here are some common parts that, if your machines have them, should be frequently checked and regularly replaced.

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Hydraulic Seals

This is actually a category of parts that includes many common components. These vary in complexity and price from O-rings to more advanced ones like high pressure hydraulic shaft seals. It is important to maintain proper seals since they help keep the rest of the machinery clean and therefore functional. Ensuring your equipment has the proper seals and they are not nearing the end of their functionality is crucial to keeping key parts like pistons and rods free of debris. All machines operating with rotary or reciprocating motions likely have hydraulic seals already, but making sure to have a steady supply will help remove the headache of an unexpected failure. Finding a supplier for these will help, since for different industries and machines you may need them to be made to order from different materials or different specifications.

Air Filters

Keeping the air clean around your machines as well as the air inside the machines free of debris is an important part of manufacturing. Air intake filters will help keep parts running smoothly and reduce overall wear and tear from operations. Filters on the air that machinery puts off during use is also important since it keeps air quality in your shop or plant to a safe, breathable standard while also keeping things clean.


Many types of machines rely on belts to function, similar to the engine of a car. These belts are workhorses, turning countless times every minute. While belt failures will inevitably happen, the secondary crisis of not having more backup belts on hand is easily avoiding. Understanding the projected lifespan of your moving parts will help you know what to prioritize as you stock up for a shop that produces around the clock.