Whether you own a show horse or have a family horse you ride when you have free time, it is important to consider investing in horse insurance. Horses are expensive to purchase and take care of, and you want to be able to help care for your horse if health issues ever do arise. Depending on your specific needs and situation, there are several different types of insurance plans. Here are several to consider.

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Mortality Insurance

While the death of your horse dying is that last thing you want to think about, there are insurance policies in place that will help cover the cost of replacing your horse in the situation that they pass away. The premium and the insured amount you can expect for mortality insurance will vary depending on several factors including the horse’s gender, breeding record, competition records, age, and purchase price.

Medical Insurance

When owning a horse, there are many unexpected medical emergencies, major illnesses, or health problems you might be responsible for paying for. While you can’t expect coverage for routine care, such as vaccines or dental work, many conditions or necessary surgical treatments are covered under a medical insurance plan. This will also allow you to help keep your horse healthy and have the means the save their life when necessary.

Liability Coverage

Another concern when owning a horse is the possibility that your horse can injure another person or damage someone’s property. This is especially useful coverage to have if you board your horse at a facility or board other horses on your property. There are many situations where liability insurance could help you including if a friend rides your horse and gets injured, if your horse runs away and causes a car accident, if your horse injures another horse, or if your horse damages the boarding facility they are staying at.