Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Set to Face Heavy Fines in the UK Over Harmful Content: Report

  • Watchdog Ofcom to be given new legal powers to monitor, investigate, fine
  • Ofcom would have the authority to “suspend” or “restrict” services
  • Reports about this new crackdown is seen as an interim measure

Social networking giants Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are set to face heavy fines in Britain for failing to filter out harmful content on their platforms, the media reported.

As part of the government’s plan, Britain’s broadcasting watchdog Ofcom would be given new legal powers to monitor, investigate and fine social platforms for sharing or live-streaming “harmful” videos, including pornography, violence, and child abuse, the Telegraph¬†reported¬†on Sunday.

With the new powers, the broadcast watchdog of the UK would be able to issue fines of 250,000 pounds (around $300,000) or an amount worth up to five per cent of the company’s revenue, if the sites fail to establish strict age verification checks and parental controls to safeguard kids from exposure to harmful videos.