It is important for everyone to be prepared for natural disasters and one of the most common items that people overlook is something called an elevation certificate. It is critical for everyone to be familiar with the elements of this certificate because it might make a difference in the cost of insurance and the value of the property.

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What is an Elevation Certificate?

An elevation certificate Pinellas County FLis a document that is usually prepared by either a surveyor or a qualified engineer. Some of the information included on the elevation certificate includes the flood map location, the elevation of the building, the mean elevation of high tide, and any other information that might be needed to calculate flood insurance premiums. For this reason, it is important for everyone to make sure this information is correct. The certificate needs to be signed and sealed by an authorized individual and is protected by legal regulations. The vast majority of people who prepare these certificates are licensed by the state.

How Does a Homeowner Get an Elevation Certificate?

In order to get an elevation certificate, people need to contact a reliable team. After contacting trained professionals, a team will come out and find another certified elevation marker. Then, they will measure the property itself. The surveyor may also note the elevation of the basement if there is one. Finally, the information will be overlaid on flood maps. Then, the certificate will be produced and can be used to calculate flood insurance premiums.

Should Homeowners Get an Elevation Certificate Now?

It is important for people to get an elevation certificate as quickly as possible, particularly if they are located in a flood plain. Without this certificate, the rates might go up. This will make a difference in the value of someone’s home as well as flood insurance costs.